January 16, 2021


UTM Physics Club, UTM Mathematical and Computational Sciences Society, and UTM’s Women in Science and Computing club proudly announce the PyJaC (Python, Java, and C) Coding Competition!⁣
⁣ This competition provides students the opportunity to work on a CS side-project that looks great on résumés, especially if you win in one of the sections(beginner, intermediate, and advanced). Students may also decide to work in a group of up to three people. After the program topics are released, students will have one week to complete their code, sticking to one topic.⁣
⁣ On the competition day, students will present and run their code before our judges with a limited amount of time. Beginners will have ten minutes, intermediate participants will have fifteen minutes, and advanced participants will have twenty minutes. Note: the presentation times have no lower limit.⁣
⁣ There will be one winner from each category. The top presenter from the beginner section will win a $30 Visa prepaid card. The leading presenter from the intermediate section will win a $40 Visa prepaid card. The best presenter from the advanced section will win a $50 Visa prepaid card.⁣