February 15-20, 2021


Ever had a hackathon + case competition here at UTM? Don't think so!

Introducing Hack the Case, a combination of hackathon and case competition featuring workshops, games, networking, prizes, and all kinds of surprises.

Case Competition:

  • The case competition challenges your abilities to solve a realistic business challenge. Your team will have a week to analyze the case, come up with a solution, and prepare a coherent presentation.


  • Just having a case is not enough for our competition! Can you implement your idea with actual code? Would you want to turn your idea into a mobile app, web app, or something else?


  • Clubs and organizations from different disciplines will be hosting workshops to either help you tackle the competition, or expand your knowledge to the next level!

Fun games:

  • We will also be hosting casual game nights! Whenever you want to chill and relax, we will have your favourite games ready! It is also a new way to meet friends virtually!