November 15, 2021

first year associate program

We are excited to announce the launch of our ‘First Year Associates Program’!

WiSC’s First Year Associate Program is a rotational program aimed to develop professional and personal skills for first year students. First year UTM students have the opportunity to work with two WiSC subteams for 2 months each to develop both professionally and personally.

In terms of professional skills, the students will get experience collaborating with WiSC executives while also focusing on work in the areas they are most interested in, whether that is marketing, running events for the Sciences/Computationals, or website design plus many more areas. On the other hand, personal skills will also be developed, including communication and collaboration, leadership plus responsibility, and the chance to network with upper-year students. By the end of the program, students will have the opportunity to put their skills to the test by running an internal WiSC event, and will have usable and useful skill sets to add to their professional resumes.