September 28, 2020

all aboard mentorship

What is the First Year Mentorship Program?
This mentorship program was established to help woman-identifying students and minorities build their confidence and develop the necessary skills to tackle any challenges they face during their first year of university such as; learning study habits, making new friends, or questions about POSt. To achieve this, first year students will be paired with upper-year student mentors to facilitate a more personalized experience and learning environment. Mentors will be selected by the WiSC mentorship team from upper-year mentor applicants.

What is the Industry Mentorship Program?
This program was established to assist women-identifying students in building their professional identity, career goals, and their leadership and communication skills. This will be achieved through pairing mentors that are currently in the industry with mentees in a 1:1 ratio to encourage a more unique and personalized learning environment. Pairs will be matched according to similar fields, skill sets, and interests. This program will run for three months and two sessions - one in the fall semester and one in the winter. Please note: this program is intended for upper-year student